A Whirlwind of Good Ideas

Welcome to my blog. What’s this all about? What is the purpose and focus here? I’m glad you asked.

I recently attended the 2008 CodeMash conference, and have thus been inspired to try my hand at a blog with a technical-focus. This is that blog.

I had a great time at CodeMash. I always come away from these events both exhilarated and exhausted. It’s great fun to hang out with existing friends as well as meet new friends, and yet fatiguing to stay up late hanging out with said friends. It is awesome to be a part of some of some interesting and thought-provoking conversations that take place at technical conferences, and yet taxing with all the new information you get from those conversations as well as in the sessions you attend.

And so, that’s where this blog begins. I plan to write summaries of – and perhaps add some of my own insights to – a few of the conversations that stuck out in my mind from CodeMash. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • An exploration of the term “man-crush.”
  • Foreign Languages vs. Computer Languages – similarities and differences between the two.
  • Women in Development – a conversation that begun with Dianne Marsh, and others in proximity joined in, too.

After writing about these, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve as well. I’ll leave those thoughts as a surprise for now. I expect that with the whirlwind of thoughts running around in my head at the moment, my blograte will be a little higher than normal at first. But I hope to slow down to a more steady pace for the long-haul after that.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “A Whirlwind of Good Ideas”

  1. muncman Says:

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming topics! I can’t remember if I mentioned this to you at CodeMash or not, but I’ve heard that Sanskrit is “object-oriented”, too.

  2. Joe O'Brien Says:

    Looking forward to it. Great name.

    Let me know how WP works out. I’m seriously thinking about moving my blog over.

  3. Joe F. Says:

    Good luck Gayle! Looking forward to reading, especially the one on “man-crush” 🙂

  4. Brian Disbrow Says:

    man-crush and women in development…. is this blog safe for work?

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